Naughty Kiss Episode 16 Final RCTI Baek Seung Jo's Story of Love and Oh Ha Ni Ends Happily

Here Synopsis Korean Drama "Naughty Kiss" Episode 16 RCTI

Hello Korean drama fans after the Korean drama "You're Beautiful" finished airing on RCTI you do not have to worry because RCTI back to bring back the Korean drama series titled "Naughty Kiss". Korean drama is quite popular in South Korea where the Korean drama is played by the Korean handsome actor Kim Hyun Joong with opposite Jung So Min. You still continue to update and certainly not behind the story of this Korean drama is not it? Curious next story from the Korean drama "Naughty Kiss"? Consider what happens in the synopsis of the Korean drama "Naughty Kiss" episode 16.Synopsis Korean drama "Naughty Kiss" Eps. 16 - The Story of Love Oh Ha Ni At Baek Seung Jo Ends Happily
Synopsis Naughty Kiss Episode 16 - When Ha Ni and Seung Jo went to the campus by bicycle Ra He rebuked them but Seung Jo said that all of this is the desire of the mother. However, Ra He returned surprised when saw Seung Jo who do not wear wedding ring but Seung Jo replied that make Ra He was confused and asked her to go along. After that He Ra tells Ha Ni if the marriage between himself and Seung Jo has not officially legally but Ha Ni denied it. Then He Ra also ensures Jo Seung Ha Ni regarding the entry into nursing school just because Seung Jo will be Doctor and Jo Seung justify it. While Ha Ni was determined that he would work is fixed in order to pass the exam tests nurse.
Because it is still concerned with marriage licenses not get mother finally Seung Jo Ha Ni proposed in order to make the license itself. They also seek carai ways to make a marriage license itself but Ha Ni itself felt frightened by the Jo Seung mother plans. But to make such license so Ha Ni must obtain identity cards belonging to Seung Jo. Until Ha Ni has an idea to take on the identity card when Seung Jo Seung Jo Ha Ni bath sedng began acting and taking Seung Jo's identity card in his wallet. But before Ha Ni took the identity card Seung Jo has appeared and asked what was being done Ha Ni. However Ha Ni successfully lie and then Seung Jo took her purse and hide it under the pillow. But when Seung Jo asleep with Ha Ni, Ni Ha Seung Jo managed to get the wallet and Ha Ni feel happy.

When tomorrow finally Ha Ni and Seung Jo's mother marriages registered Seung Jo and Ha Ni. But officials say if the marriage Ha Ni and Seung Jo already registered and it turns out that Seung Jo is already enrolled. When I got home Ha Ni annoyed with Seung Jo Seung Jo had lied to him but to do so in order to Ha Ni keep trying. Ha Seung Jo Ni also assured that he would work hard so Seung Jo Ha Ni asked not to be disappointed with it. On the other hand Joon Gu began to realize and convince how perasaannnya on Christine. In contrast to He Ra were so disappointed to learn that Kyung Soo going to conscription.
While Ha Ni still learning and trying to get him to pass the nursing exam and did not disappoint Seung Jo. Then Kyung Soo came to Ha Ni to tell him if he gets the draft and Kyung Soo also asked if Ha Ni will major in nursing and Ha Ni was confirmed. They both give each other a passion for fighting and always worked hard. But one day Seung Ha Ni asked Jo to change majors, but Seung Jo prohibit Ha Ni for exams soon. However Ha Ni only afraid that if he fails karen competition is very tight until Seung Jo and Ha Ni was decided to study together. Today exam tests nurse began Seung Jo and Ha Ni's mother drove to the test. When Ha Ni is in the exam room he was working on it by an easy and completed on time but when the interview Ha Ni made a mistake until finally he did not pass the exam nurse.

Naughty Kiss Episode 16 Final RCTI Baek Seung Jo's Story of Love and Oh Ha Ni Ends Happily

Naughty Kiss RCTI End Baek Seung Jo's Story of Love and Oh Ha Ni Ends Happily Synopsis Episode 16
One day Ha Ni and Seung Jo is being berjanjian to date but when on the road Ha Ni see no accident that he took the victim to the hospital and perform first aid to victims of accidents and hospital doctors take pride in Ha Ni for doing first aid measures with okay. But when Ha Ni back to the restaurant where he will meet with Seung Jo turned out the restaurant was closed Ha Ni feel disappointed but suddenly he saw Seung Jo is still waiting for him and tried to explain what had happened but only worrying Seung Jo Ha Ni, up to Ha Ni finally went home with Seung Jo.
When Seung Jo's family Christmas was celebrated with a happy Christmas. While Seung Jo and Ha Ni who were in the car mutual converse and Ha Ni will again try to register majoring in nursing and Seung Jo will also help Ha Ni. Not forgetting Ha Ni and Seung Jo christmas congratulate each other they look happy. Smenetara it now Joon Gu itself already behagia bersma Chirtine even they have to manage a restaurant. While Min Ah is holding launching comics and sign autographs for their fans. While Family Seung Jo and Ha Ni's father went on vacation together. Ra He now began to open your heart to Kyung So by coming to camp conscripts Kyung Soo and give him encouragement. While Seung Jo for the first time say that he loves Oh Ha Ni with genuine feeling.

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