Full House Episode 10 Jealous RCTI Blind! Lee Young Jae Extends Contract of Marriage Up to 3 Years

Hello fans of Korean dramas satisun back RCTI TV broadcast another Korean drama series titled "Full House". This Korean drama already popular in Korea, but even so the Korean drama lovers in Indonesia still waiting for the story "Full House" is. Moreover, the Korean drama is quite popular in South Korea where the Korean drama is played by the Korean handsome actor Bi (Rain) and the opposite Song Hye Gyo. Well curious about the story of the Korean drama "Full House" next? Listen Synopsis Korean Drama "Full House" episode 10.

Synopsis Korean drama "Full House" Eps. 10 - Yoo Min Hyuk and Hae Won Has Knowing Marriage Contract Lee Yong Jae & Han Ji Eun

Story Full House Episode 10 - After the previous episode Ji Eun and Young Jae quarreled until Ji Eun away from home and when it rains Ji Eun who was sitting out in the garden alone was finally in favor by Min Hyuk and brought to the house Min Hyuk. Young Jae Eun Ji were concerned with was getting a call from Min Ji Eun Hyuk that there is in the house even Min Hyuk said if he would seize Ji Eun Young Jae. Hearing that Young Jae shocked and silent.

Full House Episode 10 Jealous RCTI Blind! Lee Young Jae Extends Contract of Marriage Up to 3 Years

When morning Min Hyuk is memasakan to Ji Eun Ji Eun woke up but suddenly Young Jae comes with frustration as he invites Ji Eun to return. Ji Eun to upset finally home with Young Jae to date at home suddenly Ji Eun fever that makes Young Jae Jae Young worried and finally feel sorry for any care for ailing Ji Eun. When waking Ji Eun see porridge cooked Young Jae for him before going. But suddenly Ji Eun medapat phone of the mother who asked to come home. But then the grandmother took Ji Eun to the hospital because he saw Ji Eun's like being sick. Grandma Young Ji Eun Jae think if pregnant, but it turns out the doctor said that if Ji Eun only cough and grandmother asked medicine doctor who turns out to fertility drugs. When home Ji Eun upset seeing fertility drugs given to him.

Young Jae finally come home but she saw who was cooking porridge have not eaten by Ji Eun Ji Eun she immediately check into the room until he succeeded in forcing Ji Eun to eat. But one day Ji Eun made upset by two friends Doongwook and moreover Hee Hee Jin Jin has confessed to Ji Eun if he inadvertently says about marriage contract Ji Eun and Young Jae. Until Ji Eun got a call from Min Hyuk to meet. When they met whenever they spend time together until Min Hyuk back to say if he would still be able to get the heart and asks Ji Eun Ji Eun chance to win her heart, but Ji Eun was silent. On the other hand Doongwook come to the agency office while provoking the Young Jae Hee Jin said if accidentally say about marriage contracts Young Jae and Ji Eun in Min Hyuk. Until now back at home Young Jae Ji Eun gets upset because of the beautiful relationship of Min Hyuk. But Ji Eun casually say if they just play the wedding and soon will end especially during this Young Jae also always see Hae Won with as he pleases. Feeling jealous Young Jae has a plan he entered the room Ji Eun to seek the agreement of marriage contract but ultimately Young Jae caught.

Young Jae finally asks Ji Eun to re-create the marriage contract because there are things that must be updated in order not to harm Ji Eun, Ji Eun who do not know the meaning behind it all was immediately approved and they then make a new marriage contract. Once done without thinking Young Jae letter directly approve all covenant made by Ji Eun Ji Eun while sediri surprised to see that Young Jae only submit one request that their marriage turned into three years. But ultimately approve all requests Ji Eun Young Jae finally both agreed to approve the new treaty was their first marriage contract myself feel Ji Eun Jae Young families like her own family. Young Jae themselves feel happy, but he also realized if the appropriate circuitry that agreement has been made so he will not be able to do whatever they Ji Eun and need help to do all the work Ji Eun. Not only that even Young Jae asked by Ji Eun to give a bunch of roses twice per week in accordance with the agreements that have been written.

But again, the act Doong Young Jae Wook make relationships and Ji Eun who began tenderly disturbed because accidentally overheard Dook Hae Won Wook tentan contract marriage with Young Jae Eun Ji. Hae Won Ji Eun himself straight to his house even asked her to return to him but Ji Young Jae Eun just stay quiet. When Young Jae Won Hae Hae Won turns asking him to re-take it. However Young-jae's home did not forget his promise to give Ji Eun rose up at the sight of the Ji Eun feel excited and happy because he gets surprise unexpected. Until Young Jae and Ji Eun sat with each other recording converse about Min Hyuk, Young Jae himself enthusiastically listened Ji Eun reveals if Min Hyuk will attempt to win the hearts Ji Eun who had made the Young Jae shocked and jealous. Especially when Ji Eun Jae Young asked if she could love but Young Min Hyuk Jae was silent, staring Ji Eun.

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