Reina de Corazones telenovela Synopsis April 2015

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After Reina de Corazones episode earlier Nicholas managed to get into the family of Victor de Rosas and became a personal driver Reina. And Nicholas asked Reina to not remember the past and look for its track record in the past, even Nicholas was asked Reina to live their lives well with Victor. Reina de Corazones Story continues even more exciting, more heat and more intriguing. In the Reina de Corazones Mexican drama this time narrated that Reina has been held. Well, how could Reina kept, Listen Reina de Corazones telenovela story below.

Reina de Corazones Reina feel comfortable around Nicholas, 

Filing her comfortable expressing Reina is in the heart Reina on Nicholas (Javier Bolivar). But do not turn out as expected Reina Reina disappointed Nicholas made the Reina de Corazones telenovela story. Nicholas was trying to explain to Reina, but Reina refused Nicholas explanation seemed unsure. Suddenly Victor came sought to allay the anger Reina but it can not improve the situation. Disappointed Reina, Reina felt betrayed by Nicholas to make very angry Reina Reina de Corazones in the telenovela.

Nicholas asked this on the Reina to take her to the destination, but Reina refused to hard and trying to avoid. Now Reina could not believe in anyone, Reina was moved away angrily. But on the road suddenly there was a car passing in front of Reina and Reina almost got hit. The man who was driving the car that was immediately stopped and got out of the car to apologize to Reina, Reina was also apologize to that person. But what happens in the series Reina de Corazones RCTI, when Reina was about to leave the driver's mouth immediately silenced and imprisoned until Reina Reina fainted.

Reina de Corazones telenovela Synopsis April 2015

Nicholas who still had not moved saw Reina kept, Nicholas was chasing bing it. However disadvantaged when Nicholas ran suddenly nonexistent someone hit from behind by Nicholas Nicholas fainted and fell. In the trunk of the car, aware of unconscious Reina Reina was shocked when she found out that she was in a car trunk. Reina tried to seek help by contacting a person, but Reina futile effort. Reina know the sound of a car trunk be opened, Reina was pretending to faint.

Elsewhere, Victor, Susana, Clara, Defina, and Isidro were watching the show. Meanwhile Reina tried to free himself, Reina was trying to contact Nicholas. Nicholas was rushed to save Reina from the captivity. Reina de Corazones tale was continued.

Interesting story of Reina de Corazones not, curious of the story continue to refer to the story of Reina de Corazones telenovela.

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