champion Asia’s Got Talent 2015 Winner, Khusugtun Runner-up is El Gamma Penumbra,EL Gamma Penumbra is the winner of Asia's Got Talent 2015. El Gamma Penumbra dance troupe won in the first season 'Asia's Got Talent.
puppet dance group Philippines El Gamma Penumbra won the first season of the Southeast Asia regional pan-Asian reality show Got Talent. It is a pride Especially for the State Philippines. They Pun defeated Including That makes 4 They include The Talento from Thailand, Gerphil Flores from the Philippines, Khusugtun of Mongolia and El Gamma Penumbra of the Philippines. Indeed, there are two finalists from the Philippines, Flores Gerphl Lucky Not getting 1st.

Their appearance is very Extraordinary indeed. Bhkan Jury From Indonesia Anggun, Seeing their appearance until crying.
I promised that if tonight does not akanmenangis, however Reversed In fact, after the appearance Seeing You, Hold aupun not ask, replied graciously.
El Gamma Penumbra

El Gamma Penumbra

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Name the Finalists Asia's Got Talent 2015 has been elected

Short profile El Gamma Penumbra Asia's Got Talent 2015, The Philippines is the largest country featuring finalists in asia's Got Talent. One of the finalists is El Gamma Penumbra. Puppet group of modern people from the Philippines El Gamma Penumbra gets standing ovation from
The fourth judge.
The favorites to win back displays a shadow dance that has the theme of Earth and Nature Conservation with the accompaniment of the song belongs Colors Of The Wind Vanessa Williams.

Even when they appear, all the judges stand, because it is Touched by the appearance of Them. It's on its kemengan. El Gamma Penumbra Pun carries a prize of $ 100,000. And
They certainly win Acquisition is Disrtai with the highest SMS Polls, But That's not alone, Appearance And Talent That led them To Victory.

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