Malaysia and Indonesia have agreed capacity of 8 thousand Rohingya refugees Hello readers, back we came up with a variety of interesting articles, namely regarding penungsi from malaysia.
On Wednesday (20/5) of the meeting of the three countries, namely Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand, kesepatakan reached regarding the fate of thousands of Rohingya refugees. Malaysia and Indonesia are preparing to build temporary housing for illegal immigrants who hang for months in the ocean.

But this decision does not mean that they are ethnic Rohingya in Myanmar may hold exodus flocked to the two countries.

"We will only accept those who are at sea," said Malaysian Foreign Minister Anifah Aman as reported by Reuters.

That is, Indonesia and Malaysia will ensure the fate of more than 7,000 people there are now around the waterway. Meanwhile, Malaysia received more Rohingya and Bangladeshi immigrants. As for Indonesia to accommodate 1,346 people in North Aceh since last week. This morning, it was reported that an additional 500 refugees were rescued from the sea in the waters of Kuta Binje.

It is estimated that there are now 4,000 Rohingya refugees and Bangaladesh are still bobbing in the sea. They originally wanted to go to Malaysia for a living, but deceived by brokers immigrants from Thailand-flagged vessels. Two months terakir they are left in the sea without food and water by the smugglers.

Based on discussions with the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR) and the International Organization of Migrants (IOM), Indonesia-Malaysia requested that all refugees were recorded. For those who have citizenship, in particular Bangladesh origin, then they should be deported.

Malaysia and Indonesia have agreed capacity of 8 thousand Rohingya refugees

Meanwhile, to accommodate the Rohingya people who do not have citizenship status because of discrimination Myanmar, Indonesia and Malaysia is studying several options. For example, providing the island could be a temporary shelter.

Malaysian Home Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi ask all international institutions helped improve the welfare of the refugees.

"I urge all LSM, from all races and religions to volunteer and help these Rohingya immigrants," he said.

Development fund temporary shelter illegal immigrants, according to a joint statement RI-Malaysia, should come from international institutions.

"The international community will be responsible, in providing the necessary support Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand, particularly financial assistance, to enable the provision of temporary shelter and humanitarian assistance."

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