Plastic rice Eating Rice circulated Plastics May Cause Cancer How to distinguish the original plastic and rice Not surprisingly, the higher the level of public concern with the fact that the circulation of fake rice is mixed plastics. The rice has been found in the Bekasi area.

Director General of Standardization and Consumer Protection Ministry of Trade Widodo asked people to take the positives from this incident. "One the plus side there that let consumers know that there is rice like this," said Widodo told reporters at his office, Central Jakarta, Tuesday (19/5).

According to him, the circulation of plastic rice will increase the awareness of consumers when buying a staple of daily necessities. "So consumers are more cautious about buying rice," he said.

He said, the Ministry of Commerce (Ministry of Trade) not stay silent with plastic rice circulation. Widodo admitted conducting an investigation in cooperation with Police Headquarters.

"We have to pitch two days. Today official bekasi city. Thus we were check in bekasi already brought this to the lab, so we wait for the results of lab tests such as what," he said

The dangers of plastic rice consumption

The Government continues to investigate the alleged circulation of fake rice made from synthetic materials. Nutritionists affirm, if true fake rice made of plastic, it is very dangerous if consumed continuously.

When tested by giving pressure to the grains of rice, grain was broken. Just like the original rice. However, when there is any discrepancy cooked. Not long ago cooked, already appeared rice crust at the bottom of the rice cooker appliance.

Researchers need more time to be able to declare the rice was genuine or fake. Nutritionists remind the public to be vigilant. If the rice is suspected of synthetic base material was consumed by humans, can cause cancer.

Trade Minister has ordered an investigation about the alleged plastic rice.

Excited alleged fake rice made from synthetic materials originated from the artisan market pulp in Ivory Pearl East, Bekasi, West Java. Clumsy see the results of the cuisine, artisan porridge once coffè, distributing to social media.
How to distinguish the original plastic and rice

 How to distinguish the original plastic and rice

differences in the original rice and contains plastic. If the original white rice in the middle there is white like white milk, but if it contains a clear plastic rice tenga.

"No white milk. Therefore we take rice native to compare because we have not found,"

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